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b i j o u x b i z a r r e s

too bizarres for the ordinary

designs discontinued
Designs produced and executed under the b i j o u x b i z a r r e s umbrella may be modified or removed without prior notice, following a request from individuals that have actively contributed to their creation. Production and merchandising on behalf of any entity can occur only when a certain design is still on the brand's site(s).
Last withdrawal of designs took place the 27th of April 2015, upon the decision of Mrs. Spyridoula Strataki to leave the b i j o u x b i z a r r e s design openspace. Designs removed due to this fact are only part of the corresponding collections and can be found in archive pages b-proud, b-naughty, b-strongb-dramatic and plexi. The design of constituent jewellery modules remains intellectual property of the owner of b i j o u x b i z a r r e s. The technical implementation approach for transforming abstract design prototypes to jewellery is intellectual property of jewellery makers involved in design samples creation. Embroidery designs of BP2 & BP7 of b-proud collection is intellectual property of Mrs. T. Kardasi.